Our Vision and Aspirations

Alumim Home for Jewish Children operates as an orphanage and rehabilitation center for children in need of a home and family life.
Our goals are basic and vital:

To remove children from immediate physical threats and mold them into independent adults who will contribute to society and build healthy, stable homes in the future.
To grant children a soul-connection with the Jewish people; to teach them of the wondrous beauty in their heritage and instill within them a feeling of belonging to their people, their Land and their Torah.
Alumim serves as a model home both to its full-time residents and those who benefit from its variety of welfare projects.
At Alumim, “home” is the keyword and symbol of our approach to every issue that arises in our institution. It is a place that provides, first and foremost, stability, security, acceptance, and genuine love. The children know that there is always someone to listen to them, to care for them - not only now, but in the future, as well.
Every activity and project carried out within the walls of the institution and dormitory is meticulously planned to endow the children tools for success, independence, and personal growth, and/or foster a connection between the child and the Jewish nation.
We firmly believe that each and every one of our children - regardless of personal history or background - does harbor the personal fortitude to succeed in life, as long as we believe in him. A child who enjoys the trust and faith of the adults in his environment can - and will - prove himself as he endeavors to realize the potential within him. We are always there for them, walking hand-in-hand along the road of life and guiding them to a future that is both secure and successful. Our paramount goal is to unlock the key to every child’s heart and potential for success. We believe in our children and in the reality that a child who learns to accept is a child who will learn to give.
We constantly strive to develop our children’s aspirations for a better future, for a future that is healthy, stable, and successful. We instill each child with self-confidence and awareness that he does harbor the emotional strength to overcome all obstacles and succeed. We reinforce them with the knowledge that we will always be there for them, encouraging and motivating them onward. Finally, we emphasize the hidden strengths within them and strive to help them develop these and experience successes.
One of Alumim’s central goals is boosting children’s self-esteem and feeling of belonging to the Jewish nation. We emphasize the significance of their link to our nation through exposure to Jewish communities throughout the world; fostering their connection with Jewish families outside our institution; emphasis on traditional Jewish values; and festive celebrations of all Jewish events and holidays.
The children of Alumim benefit from the support and assistance provided to them even beyond their school years within its walls. Every graduate receives assistance in continuing his studies and/or establishing an independent life for himself. According to his personal ambitions, he can also get help in making Aliyah to Israel (whether independent or through a program) and whatever support is necessary to get acclimatized to life there. At the present time, several of our graduates have gone on to higher education, about ten have made Aliyah, and the rest have had their plans for the future tailor-made to their personal needs.
The combination of all these makes Alumim children feel that even lacking biological family, they are still an irreplaceable member of the larger family that is the Jewish nation. They learn to view themselves as an integral part of the Jewish community, which is one extra special reason that they are so committed to striving for success in life.