Alumim Home for Jewish Children opens its doors to underprivileged Jewish children, ages 2-19, from the Ukraine.
Children who enter the loving embrace of Alumim derive from a variety of adverse socio-economic conditions and/or dysfunctional homes. Our beneficiaries include orphans; abandoned; physically, verbally, and/or emotionally abused children who were appropriated from their parents’ care by local welfare offices; children who once lived in government homes, orphanages, or foster care; children whose parents are alcoholics, substance-abusers, physically-abusive, in jail, or severely destitute. Unfortunately, many a child has arrived at our doorstep from a combination of these heart-wrenching circumstances.
Alumim Home for Jewish Children is legally recognized and approved as the only private Jewish orphanage in Ukraine. As such, it is eligible to receive children by legal verdict and acquires the official title of legal guardian.  Alumim benefits from the full cooperation of the Ukrainian welfare authorities and may request the placement of Jewish children in our institution.
Alumim employs various methods to obtain necessary information and bases its acceptance of Jewish children on the following:

  • Information from government orphanages throughout West Ukraine.
  • Information from the Ukrainian Welfare Office and welfare authorities.
  • Information from Jewish community leaders and organizations.
  • Information from friends, neighbors, or family members who are aware of children in abusive or adverse situations and/or who may be relinquished to government authorities or regional homes.
Alumim’s perpetual contact with regional welfare offices and government orphanage directors throughout West Ukraine has led to the discovery and placement of many Jewish children in our Home. The above are often willing to provide important information about Jewish children currently living in their institutions, children who are on the verge of being sent there, or children who may qualify for physical and/or financial aid.
Even after obtaining the official reports, Alumim spares no effort to confirm the veracity of the child’s Jewish identity. The next, exhausting step is to persuade the current orphanage, family, or legal guardian to transfer legal care of the child to us. This lengthy and often-frustrating process is repeated with each and every Jewish child.
Presently, Alumim is home to fifty Jewish children. Forty percent were transferred to our care from government homes; twenty-five percent are orphans who were living with family members; and the remainder came straight to us from abusive homes where they suffered terrible exploitation, neglect, or starvation.
In addition to the children living in the dormitory, Alumim supports another 150 children from the Jewish community. The circumstances of these children are not severe enough to warrant removal from their homes, yet we endow them with substantial assistance in order to facilitate their growth and help them mature into responsible, successful adults.
We are currently in the stages of creating a special program that will reach Jewish children in government homes, whom we are unable to transfer or accept due to a variety of circumstances. This program will hopefully enable these spiritually-deprived children to connect to their heritage and their local Jewish community.