Campus Administration

Alumim’s devoted, talented staff is comprised of both on-site and external faculty groups.
Substantial thought and effort was invested in order to maneuver between the needs of our institutions, importance of providing special training and guidance to all faculty members, and most of all, the children. On one hand, it is necessary to employ a Russian-speaking faculty that can communicate fluently with the children and understand their physical and emotional backgrounds. On the other hand, it is equally imperative to employ translators and Israeli faculty members who are aware of modern educational methods, trained to assist children-at-risk, and spiritually-fortified to unite these children with our Jewish nation. Alumim’s skilled Israeli faculty maintains perpetual contact with professional advisors from Israel and Europe in order to create solutions for the numerous issues that face our students.



Campus Executive Director – Malka Bukiet



Dormitory Manager – Ludmilla Viktorovna Andreiva  


Educational Director – Chana Rubin


Housemother – Devorah Rabinowitz