Alumim’s fifty-member faculty comprises talented educators, social workers, psychologists, therapists, counselors, kitchen and maintenance officers. Our professional faculty members are all experts in their respective fields, as we aspire to endow the children with the very best.
Senior faculty members are Israelis, who underwent intense professional training courses in Israel. This ensures their ability to impart Alumim’s educational message properly, in a way that will be absorbed and internalized by the children. 
The main operational faculty member is Alumim’s devoted Housemother, who loves the children as her own and is actively involved with all physical and emotional aspects of their lives. The Housemother serves as the liaison between the household faculty and the children and cares for their daily needs including neat and proper attire; therapy sessions; medical needs; healthful, nourishing meals; and general cleanliness and order, in addition to assigning tasks and duties to other household staff members.
Alumim’s Housemother teaches the children the importance of personal hygiene and general cleanliness. She works in constant cooperation with our on-site psychologist and receives guidance and advice as to dealing with the many challenges that arise. As the adult responsible for the daily needs of the children, the Housemother is often the first one to notice issues requiring therapy and relays this vital information to the proper authority.
Dorm Counselors follow the lead of our talented Head Counselor, who serves as the go-between of staff member groups and communicates with schools and teachers, keeping informed of the children’s scholastic progress and achievement. Her unique position grants her insight into the complete picture of each and every child.
The children are divided into five homogeneous groups based on age:

  • Preschool – Ages 2-7
  • Primary school (boys) – Ages 7-12
  • Primary school (girls) – Ages 7-12
  • Young adult (boys) – 12-19
  • Young adult (girls) – 12-19
Two Counselors are assigned to each group of children. The Senior Counselor is experienced and must be fluent in Russian, while the Junior Counselor is a younger volunteer from Israel. 
Local Senior Counselors visit the dormitory every afternoon and remain with their group during after-school hours until evening. They maintain daily contact with teachers, help the children prepare homework; are responsible for daily cleanup, organization, and the physical appearance of their charges.
Israeli Junior Counselors are responsible for bedtime and evening hours in the dormitory, morning wakeup; and sending the children off to school. They also prepare social activities and parties for holidays and special events. Above all, they keep a prevailing Jewish atmosphere in the Children’s Home and are there to lend a listening ear to every child at any hour of the day or night. They exude warmth and love of Judaism and are bastions of spiritual strength for the children. As the ones who physically care for the children, Junior Counselors frequently notice and discuss issues requiring outside help or therapy with senior faculty members.
Alumim also employs a Program Director who is responsible for all major events in the dormitory. She arranges parties, social and holiday events; directs the Pedagogic Center; decorates the walls of the dormitory to maintain an attractive, inviting look; runs special contests; and maintains a fun, lively, cheerful environment in the Children’s Home.
The senior-most faculty member and main authority in Alumim is the Principal, who is the main address for all physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of her charges. She is fully dedicated to the well-being of each child and can be approached at any hour of the day and night. Every child is assured that a knock on the Principal’s door will provide him with the attention and care that he needs.
Alumim’s complete faculty system guarantees that every child who enters the loving embrace of the Children’s Home receives the constant, full attention that he or she deserves. Children are carefully monitored for behavior, needs, and difficulties. The Principal and Coordinators all live on campus and are available to the children 24-7. Alumim children are welcome in their homes, and all faculty members and counselors are there to lend a hand, a shoulder, and loving care and assistance at every hour.