Alumim Day Center

Alumim Home for Jewish Children opens its doors both to children from remote towns and villages throughout Ukraine and to residents of Zhitomir, as well. Each child undergoes a thorough evaluation, which includes his complete family system and his place within that system. The results help faculty members build an individualized rehabilitation plan for each child.
Results of numerous evaluations led us to grasp the necessity of building a daytime dormitory center that operates parallel to the main Children’s Home. Children who are not exposed to dangerous family situations, but who do not receive the tools that they require in order to grow, are welcomed into Alumim’s Day Center—the first of its kind in all of Ukraine.
Children flock to the Center immediately after school, where they are monitored by a responsible adult, prepare homework with the help of counselors, and receive private tutoring in academic subjects when necessary. They also participate in Alumim’s extra-curricular activities and social events.
In the evenings, after a nourishing meal and bath, they return home—fully prepared for bed—where they meet their parents. Some Day Center children move into the regular dormitory on weekends and vacations, while others only visit the Day Center during the school semester.
Alumim appreciates the absolute importance of family, which is why we encourage our children to maintain a close, loving, healthy relationship with their parents. Parents of Day Center children are very accommodating, which endows the children with confidence, support and hope as they perceive the two most important frameworks in their lives working collaboratively to benefit them.