Alumim Summer Camps were developed in order to benefit the maximal number of children possible. Welfare children living at home and children from Jewish dormitories scattered throughout Ukraine enjoy special seasonal camp retreats. Throughout the year, Alumim sponsors a winter camp, Pesach camps, and several summer camps. Moreover, we also sponsor regional day camps for preschool children and the handicapped, etc.
During camp season, visitors dorm in one of the beautiful campus buildings, enjoy the stunning grounds, sports fields, equipment, riverbank, and of course, non-stop activity and fun. Alumim camp retreats boast special trips, workshops, games, contests, and challenges, to name just a few. As always, each and every activity is geared to help children increase their knowledge, Jewish values, and healthy social skills.
Children who attend an Alumim camp inevitably return again and again. Alumim becomes their second home, a place where they recharge their physical and spiritual batteries to last them throughout the year, a place where they are allowed to forget, even if only for a short time, of the hardships and adversities that are their lot in life.