A Word from Our Principal…

Scattered throughout the hills and plains of Ukraine, in underprivileged towns and remote villages in the middle of nowhere, thousands of branches are threatened with desiccation. They are wilting, brittle, on the verge of falling from the great Tree that is our Nation. These are the Jewish children. Children who face the daily threats of starvation, abuse, and neglect. Children who are being raised in houses that are not homes, among families that fail to dispense the loving care, warmth, and support that every child needs to flourish. Children who have never felt a tender caress or a loving embrace. Children who are desperate and alone. So alone.
Here, at Alumim Home for Jewish Children, we collect these precious flowers, one by one. We revive their downtrodden spirits and embrace them in a tender environment of warmth and care. We love every child as our own and refuse to let these cherished souls drift from the tree!
At Alumim, Jewish children are granted the opportunity for a better future, for a joyous life that connects them to their roots and the Jewish nation.
Every day at Alumim is another sprinkling of life-giving water that nourishes these thirsty branches. Every hour allows innocent children to take another step away from poverty, abuse, and hopelessness. Alumim is not an orphanage, but a home pulsating with physical and spiritual life and vitality. Our schedule is packed with fun, inspiring educational activities and programs that enrich the students’ academic and spiritual storehouses. Our devoted faculty spares no effort to foster the growth of each individual and provide every child with the utmost.
Beyond the stimulating daily schedule, our children are also exposed to the richness and depth of their Jewish heritage throughout the year. Every holiday, every special event, is celebrated in a unique way that highlights its inherent beauty and our love of Judaism.  Growing up in Alumim allows children to live, experience, and absorb rich Jewish tradition and a strong Jewish identity which inevitably draws them ever closer to their Source.
I invite you to surf through the pages of this site, to meet our precious children whose eyes—once dull and lifeless--now sparkle with inner radiance. I invite you to become acquainted with our devoted faculty, to learn of our special programs which foster physical, social, emotional, academic, and spiritual success, to step into our uniquely Jewish atmosphere, and discover the joy of Alumim.

Yours truly,
Malka Bukiet
Executive Director