Scholastic studies

At Alumim, we view scholastic achievement as a key to the future success of our children and their escape from the vicious cycle of poverty and abuse. Children’s scholastic achievement is reflected in several ways:

  • Gratification – Success breeds success. The experience of triumph creates a desire and aspiration for a repeated success. A child who succeeds in his studies is impelled to strive to achieve again both in school and other realms of life.
  • Social status – Successful students are appreciated and valued both by teachers and friends alike. Especially in Ukraine, where scholastic achievement is highly-regarded, a student who succeeds in his studies earns the respect and admiration of both peers and teachers.
  • Self-image – The combination of scholastic achievement and social success raises the child’s self-image, and thus his self-confidence. The child begins believing in his abilities and utilizing them to escape the shackles of his past of deprivation and pain. A child with an elevated self-image can grow beyond his difficult beginnings and overcome the odds to achieve great heights.
This understanding has led us to create a special system to encourage academic growth, advancement and success.
Children living in the dormitory are enrolled in the Ohr Avner Gymnasium or affiliated preschool. The school abides by all the codes and regulations of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education, and also integrates a sophisticated Jewish and Hebrew Studies program that adheres to the codes of the Israeli Ministry of Education. Our staff of teachers is highly professional and undergoes periodical pedagogic training to keep updated of new advances in the field.
The school faculty, under the auspices of our revered Principal, works in close cooperation with the Children’s Home faculty. The two talented staffs collaborate to achieve the maximal solutions for academic, behavior, and/or social issues facing Alumim’s children. 
Alumim also employs an Educational Director who keeps an updated academic file on every student. She communicates constantly with teachers, receives frequent updates from the school, and thus builds a special academic assistance program to benefit each individual student.
Academic assistance is provided in the following realms:
  • Special guidance and direction for each counselor, to ensure that they are able to promote each child’s success.
  • Private and group tutoring and/or remedial instruction during afternoon and evening hours for students who are floundering or who suffer from educational gaps.
Students who succeed in their studies benefit from extra-curricular enrichment courses in the subjects that interest them. Several high school students are currently taking a university-preparatory course. Other students take enrichment courses in order to qualify for achievement medals, etc. Alumim’s educational faculty keeps abreast of each child’s academic achievement in order to endow him with the best possible care to ensure his individual success.
Alumim’s Educational Director is the address for any school-related or scholastic need. The children often approach her for positive reinforcement, whether they received a high or low score. She always has a ready compliment and encouraging word on the tip of her tongue. She, together with Alumim’s entire faculty, endeavors to create an environment that highlights and motivates scholastic achievement with the goal of improving the children’s chances for a better, happier, more successful future.