Social functions

Informal education is always in full swing at the Alumim Children’s Home. Alumim is not an orphanage or school, but a home and wonderful place to be. In order to facilitate our children’s growth and development, and allow them to mature into successful individuals who can and will contribute to their environment, we gear our special extra-curricular activities to emphasize values and allow our children to internalize them. Even free time is measured in a way that is most beneficial to them—both in the immediate short term and long term.
Our staff devotes constant thought and energy in order to utilize every means to convey educational values to the students—through games and close interaction. Relaxed afternoon hours and late-night discussions are special times for comfortable, personal discussions and disclosures. Our staff works tirelessly to create and host quality activities for the students, ranging from special events to parties, which promote our goals and foster their social, emotional, and spiritual growth.
One of our primary objectives is to channel the children’s energies into positive directions that will allow them to create, flourish, and build. As such, Alumim spares no effort to develop the children’s raw talents, which contributes to their self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-respect. Not every child can succeed in his studies, and Alumim faculty thus strives to allow all students to experiment with and shine in other realms of life.
Alumim’s social coordinator works hand-in-hand with the dorm counselors, who fill the children’s days with pleasant, exciting, and fascinating activities that allow each child to develop his talent to the fullest.
Extra-curricular activities
Every child participates in at least two extra-curricular courses that are best matched to his talents and aspirations. These courses inspire and encourage creativity and success and fill the children’s time with constructive activity. Regular attendance and participation in these enrichment courses are especially vital for students who exhibit difficulties in their studies. Often, these students blossom in their enrichment courses and discover an outlet for their unique talents.
Alumim offers the following extra-curricular courses:

  • Beading
  • Origami
  • Soccer
  • Sports
  • Exercise (young students)
  • Music lessons
  • Chess club
  • Electronics
The wide variety of courses allows each child to discover a special place where he can succeed.
Every child deserves to feel special on his big day, which is why Alumim celebrates each and every child’s birthday in the way best suited to his age, social group, and personality. Sometimes, parties are hosted in the orphanage, and the child’s friends are invited for a gala affair. Younger students may celebrate their birthdays in preschool, with a staff member present. Every child receives a special birthday gift from the principal and is greeted with a chorus of “Happy birthday!” when he enters the cafeteria.
The special attention that the students receive on their birthday endows them with wonderful feelings of belonging. Every child eagerly awaits his birthday and enjoys the attention of his friends, classmates, and Alumim faculty on his special day.
Shabbos and holidays
Alumim’s dorm counselors arrange a beautiful schedule for every Shabbos, which includes a game, special activity, or assembly. On holidays, the events are extra-special and include the entire Alumim family. Shabbos and holiday activities are fun, fascinating, and eagerly anticipated by the children, who avidly participate in exciting preparations, performances, games, and contests throughout the holiday periods. Obviously, these carefully-planned events imbue substantial awareness and understanding of the beauty and uniqueness of the Jewish nation and our holidays.
Special projects
Alumim arranges seasonal projects to promote various goals including behavior, study, building an exhibit, etc. Participation in the projects is rewarded with special prizes and has encouraged many an Alumim child to advance academically and emotionally.
Seventy percent of Alumim’s children remain with us during vacation periods, which is why we invest substantial resources into ensuring that the students benefit from real vacation. Every day boasts a special schedule of activities based on weekly topics. During vacation, Alumim children have the opportunity to enjoy and relax. They participate in special activity series, decorate the Children’s Home, take trips, tour special sites and attractions, and prepare for the upcoming school year.
Every child has a need for pocket-money, but not every child can be trusted not to squander his money on dangerous substances as cigarettes and alcohol. That’s why Alumim operates its own private kiosk in the dormitory building. In lieu of money, every child has the right of purchase in the kiosk, with items for sale ranging from games to school supplies to kosher treats imported specially from Israel.